Friday, February 4, 2011

Amanda Palmer || Creep @ Oddville

Yes, she's back from her trip to Tasmania...

Have you seen her in Tasmania? Do you need a map?

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  1. As I mentioned to you before on this one, Jeff, here she is with the only uke that I've ever seen her play, a red Hilo. Is she immune to UAS, or is
    the uke just a side issue for her and this is all she'll ever need?

    Whatever the case, I like that she sticks with what many would call
    a substandard uke, and guess what, no one in her fan base cares a fig about it one way or the other. Neither do any of her fans care that
    she isn't flinging her fingers all over the neck making her uke weep. It's the songs, stupid. It's what she has to say, and the uke helps her get her thoughts across.

    I don't see much if any improvement in her playing (with a pick, mind you) from the very first time I saw her play, but so what, do I care? No, it's about moving people and she does that, doesn't she, HU?