Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Worst Ukulele Video Ever

Foul Language, Moronic Behavior.
If that's for you, click -------------------------->> Here

I'm not sure if this is the worst. Reminds me of swearing contests I had with my best barefoot buddy, Jeff Morris, back when I was 13 when we would entertain ourselves for several hour bike rides thru Niles Canyon out to Livermore or Martinez.


  1. When my son was in grade 1, he came home from school and proudly announced that he was a member of the swear word club! He and his friends all gave themselves nicknames that were swear words. His swear word club nick name was..... Shit Pit! We kept it a secret from his Mother for a whole year.
    By the way my son is twenty one now.

  2. You and I have watched a lot of bad ukulele videos, Jeff. Perhaps bringing more of these
    to the attention of your readers might not be
    such a bad idea. "The Worst Video of the Week" could
    prove to be a popular feature. Is anyone else doing it? Something about out beloved little instrument inspires some very dubious stuff, indeed.

    Now this particular one, while certainly juvenile, is pretty tame compared to some we've
    seen. Remember the Jamie Scandal housewife/shotgun video?

    My own leading candidate for this week's honors
    (only Tuesday and such a strong contender already) is -

    Love Song #42, (What Would Xena Do?) - Bugs in Costumes

    But really bad uke videos, like really bad
    movies, can be appealing, too. HU's video trash might very well be my video treasure. Vice versa, too, of course. An example: one performer that some might find questionable while others find enjoyable is Amy Gordon. Is this -

    Amy Gordon Playing Ukulele and Singing with Skulls

    tacky and tastless? Most likely, but is it also whacky, offbeat, and fun? It all depends...

  3. Have you ever found a singer that you really enjoy that just kills every video with personal blabber? I have come across a few that I just can't post do to the plethura of schoolkid dribble. I don't want to hear that. Jeff