Monday, January 17, 2011

Taejun & Don - 남쪽끝섬 (Relaxing Korean Favorite)

Humble Uker in Humble Uker T

Ukester Ryan G

Recently, my uke fanatic friend Ryan G. and I have been doin' uke hikes. Just minutes from my house and up the Brandon Trail we get up to beautiful vantage point above the San Francisco Bay Area. We hiked the firetrails and then a rarely used foot trail to a bench tucked in some small brush high above the Chabot campgrounds.

We sat and pulled out our ukes. We each had about 4 songs folded in our bags and the Stray Cat Strut firmly embedded in our heads and fingers. We always have a few of Richard G's arrangements and worked some on Rhan Wilson's recent C-scale picking tutorial. Today about 7 other people came up the narrow trail too. Including one guy on a mountain bike although there's a universally recognized "no bikes" sign at the foot of the trail. Turns out this guy was a rebel; yes you've got it -- another uke player!

I found this video favorited on Cho Happy Bears' YT unckc channel. These guys are taking it outside. Enjoying the sun, the ocean waves, and some strumming time. Happily singing in Korean. Taejun & Don...

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  1. Uke hikes? What's next - ukulele parachute jumps?