Sunday, January 9, 2011

Rhan Wilson || Altared Music with Friends

This is a photo of my buddy Rhan Wilson with his Baritone Ukulele. People that have followed my postings on Humble Uker know that Rhan (pronounced: Ron), was the music guru whom created Ukulele University (or UkeU) which was a group class with ukulele players who wanted to improve their abilities over a 10 week course meeting once a week.

This experience was the best musical experience of my short musical life. The group included two people with 30 years of playing experience: Jay Holiday (guitar) and Judy Plicka (uke & bass) and Rhan's lifelong creative musical experience. We also had Pete the percussionist. The rest of us were ukulele players: Robbie, Sheila, Chuck, Bob, and myself. Each of us worked on a song or two for our personal performances in the band. We had so much fun that we morphed into a garage band for about 18 weeks and culminated in a on stage performance that was near the Elkhorn Slough close to Monterey.

Enough about that, Rhan is the story here. He and I converse regularly even though I live up in the east San Francisco Bay Area and he's in Tropical Santa Cruz, California. He is the creator of An Altared Christmas show which performs a Christmas show with all of the songs altered into minor keys. Rhan is multi-instrumentalist and performs regularly in a variety of ensembles, but his main band has been ROMP, link.

Here's another one of Rhan's videos that looks like it includes Olaf S. on drums and the lovable lady Patti Maxine on the lapsteel, and Matt Bohn on Bass. Take a look at some of the special guests on the performer's list below.

Rhan Wilson presents this "altared" version of the song, "Truckin'" at the "Have You Ever Been Altared" show, April 20th (420), 2010 at the Kuumbwa Jazz Center in Santa Cruz, CA.
Rhan Wilson - Guitar, Vocals
Matt Bohn, Bass
Olaf Schiappacasse - Drums
Patti Maxine - Lap Steel
Dale Ockerman - Keyboards (Doobie Brothers)
Rick Zeek - Vocals
Jerry Martini - Sax (Sly and the Family Stone)
Ernie Rideout - Trombone
Modesto - Trumpet
Videotaped by Ron Hollman

For information about the other Altared shows, go to:

Rhan has also taken on the duties of the Santa Cruz and surrounding area music news. If you're local and would like to receive then please contact Rhan: You may have also noted that Rhan is the man behind one of my 3 blog-links, called: "All in Good Time" which is a place for many us to get some musical inspiration. And a good place to ask musical questions.

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