Monday, January 24, 2011


In the movie Back to the Future, Marty (Michael J. Fox), plays some guitar and then goes Rock Wild, after seeing the 1955's teens watching in horror, he says, "Well you may not be ready for this but your kids are going to love it!" Perhaps this experimental band will be tame in 2040.

San Francisco experimental art-rock band Little Teeth crash The Beauty Shop, Fairfield, Iowa's underground music venue, on September 23, 2010. Visit Little Teeth at: and


  1. Hey Jeff, where are these instruments you're building. Post some pics or point me to where they are posted! I'd love to see how it's going. How was the workshop at Mike's? Wish I could have been there. Sounded like a great roundup! - UP

  2. Local talent can use the exposure, Jeff, but did I offer to eat may bari if you posted this?

  3. Ron -- You have to be careful with your challenges. I could have posted Amanda Palmer's Map of Tasmania. It is an issue of maturity and geography. Tasmania seems to have gone viral. I also very much enjoyed The Wet Spots. Jeff