Friday, November 19, 2010

Kao Johnny (Marcel Silva) || Tutti

Bom dia amigos do Brasil. Tenho estudado algumas Português Brasileiro não é suficiente para comunicar plenamente bem. Obrigado pela visita. Este é Johnny Kao Silva Brasil Ukulele de Marcelo.

Some readers may know that my brother's wife Luciana is from Brazil. I studied some Brazilian Portuguese and listened to a lot of Brazilian singers in order to immerse in the beauty of Brazil. Caetano Veloso became one of my favorite singers. I also have always loved The Girl from Ipanema for its Swedish/Brazilian mixture when Astrid Gilberto sings the classic version of the song.

There is a Ukulele Brasil blog that has quite a following. Here is a video of Kao Johnny from Brasil followed by another video compilation of some of the beauty of Rio De Janeiro. Enjoy.

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