Friday, September 24, 2010


When I saw Steven Strauss was performing and teaching in at the UCSC I knew I had to be there. Steven prepared a package of 4 songs in his usual masterful way. There was a chord part, melody part and fingerpicking part. About 25 people attending the class were in for a treat -- I have a binder specifically for his arrangements and I really cherish each one. There were a few minutes that I wondered how it was going to come together but the master came thru, he has a magic about him. His class was on (3) Duke Ellington tunes:
  • Creole Love Call
  • Caravan
  • Mood Indigo
  • Sweet & Slow (Bonus Arrangement, one of my favorites)
I have told many people about how Steven has a very unique sound, but he also has a very commanding stage presence and knows his crowd. He's also a great story teller. I don't know if Bocci's Cellar has ever been so quiet as last night when all ears were tuned in.


  1. As his sister, I can attest to the magic he spins.
    If you can make it, come and see him playing with a little combo called Friends of Old Puppy, (almost) every Saturday morning at Nabolom Bakery in Berkeley. 10am to 1pm. Always a treat. The little ones are welcome, too.

  2. Hello Steven's Sis = Steven has been posted so much on my blog because he is the local ukulele Super Hero. We can't get enough of his magnificent arrangements. I just wish I weren't such a humble player. Steven is also quite the crowd pleaser you'd never know he was a shy guy. I have three of his albums including Old Puppy, Uke Box and Yule Tunes.

  3. Jeff,
    I would love to see those arrangements. How?

  4. Wow. He is awesome. Thanks for introducing me to him, Jeff!

  5. You can see "Creole Love Call" at
    You can see "Caravan" at
    You can see "Sweet & Slow" at