Friday, September 10, 2010

Richard G. || Visits HU and Friends || Then off to the WCUF

Ryan G (100 y.o. Nunes) , Jeff HU W (DaSilva Concert),
Richard G (travelling Lehua),
Chris E (Pohaku Concert) & Uncle Larry Martin (Martin Tenor)

About a year ago, I had the good fortune to be on Colin R. Tribes vacation route thru the U.S. The people that came to that meeting still enthusiastically recall Colin's amazing ukulele skills and his technique which he calls "Uniquelele." He sat in my living room and wowed us.

So I had been conversing with Richard G., from Australia, who has a fantastic ukulele song website which really moves the chordal arrangements to the next level. I have it in the Ukulele Songs with Chords links under Richard G. He really has these tunes dialed down with some of his arrangements being super-fantastic! All of his arrangements are quite tidy and some will have picking parts for extra fun.

So tonight Richard is sitting in my livingroom and leading us thru some of his songs with good friends: Ryan G., Chris E. and Larry M. I had prepared a song package earlier in the day of:
  • Land Down Under (RG)
  • Don't Worry Be Happy (Lorrie's Collection)
  • Tiptoe Thru the Tulips (RG)
  • My Wife Thinks You're Dead (Erich Sylvester)
  • Ain't No Sunshine (RG)
  • Here Comes the Rain Again (Chordie)
  • Somebody's Crying (RG)
  • Stray Cat Strut (HU Version)
  • Needles & Pins (RG)
  • Yeh Yeh (RG)
  • One (RG)
  • Man One the Moon (Chordie)
  • This Guy's in Love with You (RG) <== very nice chords
  • Handle with Care (RG)
  • The Long & Winding Road (Moogly Moo)
  • Moonglow (Steven Strauss Arrangement)
  • Little Queen of Spades (RG) <== nice blues licks
Something that is obvious about Richard is his intense attention to detail. He listens quite carefully and mimics the original rhytms. He has a strong singing voice and fit in so easily. Thanks Richard for the evening visit!

He's spending the next two days at the Wine Country Ukulele Festival in St. Helena, California before flying back home to Australia.

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