Tuesday, September 28, 2010

LeoHareMusic || Peas & Pasta Blues

I was looking around Ukisociety's site and got hooked into Leo Hare's resonator uke playing then landed here in an old-time kitchen smellin' the food a cookin' with Leo Hare. This seems like it should be easy to follow along. The mastery comes in making it sound as good.

And here's the words to the song...

Peas and Pasta Blues
by Rob and Theresa

First you get a pan
Nice and deep
Fill it with some water
Then some peas
Fire down low
You don't want to burn it up
first thing ya do
If you want to eat some sup!

Next you get some pasta
The best is homemade
Put it in a pan
Then you wait
While the meal is cookin'
Play yourself some tunes
Nothing like the blues
While you're waitin' for your food!

I said dinner's almost ready
Time to eat
Clara's Peas and Pasta
Can't be beat
Somebody set the table
Get out the forks and spoons
Cookin' supper's easy
When you play yourself some blues!

1 comment:

  1. Love it. He plays that so well...love the tune. She has a pretty voice. Thanks for sharing. Enjoyed it!