Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Humble Uker Ramblings is in a race to Overcome the Ukulele Strap

I recently added a HTML device to the blog. It is the TOP 50 Ukulele Sites. About a week ago I started at 126 of the Top 50 and now have had a meteoric rise to #90 in the Top 50. HU sits directly behind the Ukulele Strap at #89. The cool thing about the Top 50 is that it is a resource for finding more of that essential ukulele stuff. [Scroll down & click on their icon to get there.]

Ukulele Hunt is pretty solidly entrenched in the number one spot. Followed by Ukulele Underground. #10 is Dominic the Dominator TAB site, followed closely at #11 by Richard G's Ukulele Songbook. If you haven't looked at Richard G's Ukulele Songbook be sure to give it a good look -- I am continually impressed with his arrangements and the attention to detail. Each song also has a video link for playing along.

But besides me desperately wanting not to be "strapped down" I think the Top 50 (or 128) Ukulele Sites give you an opportunity to do some more exploration. Incidentally, baritone ukulele players please take note of Humble Baritonics at #119.

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