Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Gidget Goes Hawaiian

Vintage Movie Clip...


  1. "Rots a ruck!" You tell him, Gidget. The first scene in the video is filmed on the beach right behind a Waikiki hotel I've vacationed at a half dozen times, Jeff. A story -

    The hotel held a weekly luau in its main showroom (open to the lawn by the beach) once a week at night. Not wanting to
    spend the outrageous money they wanted, I stood out by the railing next to the beach and watched the show for nothing. Towards the end of the show a guy comes and stands next to me. I pay no attention and go back to watching the boats all lit up and sailing back and forth out on the water - tourists having dinner for the most part.

    Suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, the guy lets out with a blood-curdling shriek, and now down to a loincloth he lights up his torch and goes tearing into the luau, with the drums pounding crazily away. After I come back down to earth and my heart settles down, I realize, of course, that he was the show's fire dancer. Well, you had to have been there...

  2. Interesting story from RH. funny. I gotta say I love watching these old movies. There is something therapeutic about it to me. I especially love the older classics..black and white. Enjoyed watching this clip. Corny, cute and just fun. Thanks, Jeanne