Monday, September 27, 2010

Aldrine Guerrero || Ukulele Underground || Breezin'

It is no wonder why ukulele virtuoso, Aldrine Guerrero is such a charismatic person. The ukulele is an extension of his body. Here he, and Ryan Asaki on rhythm guitar start then stop, with a smile, and as Ryan begins again, Aldrine tunes his ukulele to the beat of the song. Aldrine and Ryan have a real ease about them that quickly befriends everyone in the audience.

The UU roadshow was at Mike DaSilva's. I had to work later Friday so I arrived at 6:45 for the 7:00 show and Mike's studio was really packed. People standing in the kitchen, up the stairs and on the balcony. UU is very inclusive, several "friends" of UU performed before Aldrine -- and all were quite entertaining: Addi B. and Trina B., RussBuss solo and with his guest GrumpyCoyote, and then Monique solo and with her two sisters. [UU if you read, please let me know about the spelling.]

The show was action packed and entertaining, even so I had to leave early for work commitments. I probably should have stayed home and worked into Friday evening BUT I really wanted to see Aldrine an Ryan perform again.

Aldrine, is quickly becoming one of my favorites to see in person. Wish I had been there earlier to get a closer view. I love the way that he plays as he plays - the ability to do whatever he pleases from Jimmy Hendrix to Jawaiian to Classical in split seconds. Aldrine and Ryan put on a terrific show as every UUer knows -- that's why the place was packed.

As a small testiment to the affect UU is having. This weekend I had just finished setting up my wife's booth at the Pacifica Fog Fest on Saturday, when a young boy 10-12 was walking with a Kala soprano right past my chair. He played for me, in a way that was clearly influenced by that infamous "CHUNK" that the UU has in many tutorials. I asked him if he knew of Ukulele Underground -- yes!

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