Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lambchop || Middle Aged Guy with a Ukulele

Here's a high energy original song from one of my Ukulele Blogging brethren. He's got a powerhouse strum going on in the song below. I have also put a link to his blog (in the sidebar) as, LAMBCHOP. I think there are a lot of middle agers enjoying music on their ukes... But these ukes a coming from all directions. Many bands are incorporating ukulele sounds. Check out Lambchop, Mike Kassel, he has some great interviews and gets into some lengthy conversations.

Here's a Lambchop Glen Rose interview...


SONG: Middle Aged Guy with a Ukulele

From: archivestereo June 27, 2010

I'm Just a middle-aged guy with a ukulele
a little thick around the middle and a little too old
to be a big star yeah, baby, on YouTube TV

I'm just a mid-life crisis right before your eyes
but it really shouldn't come as much of a surprise
I been looking for a box in the closet that used to hold my dreams

Used to have me a whole mess of songs
Man, they were gonna make me a star
Used to play them every Tuesday night
In an old, smoky, downtown college bar

Middle-aged guy with a ukulele
sitting on a couch and watching Chelsea Lately
and if I don't have a stroke I think I'm gonna finish this song

Got a Hawaiian shirt from Tommy Bahama
A cozy little life without a lot of drama
and my Facebook looks like high-school-a-rama again

All the old school email me
we talk about the good old times
when we were young and our dreams were green
and that's better than rotten every single time

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