Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Chris Isaak on the Ukulele

Danny Hamilton (cover version on 'ukulele) w/ Christopher Lopez

I have been enjoying wailing out Chris Isaak tunes in the private confines of my music room. I like two versions that I found on Richard G's site ( ...

So I went on the net surfing for more C.I. tunes to wail and found that someone has written about him and how he likes to play the ukulele...

"...He was very romantic and played songs in bed. He had a ukulele on the wall, and he would pull it off and play it." "Naked?" "Oh, yeah. He was adorable. But I could never relax because I had loved his music for such a long time."

Source New York News & Features, "The story of Cho" (adult content, be warned!)

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