Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Berkeley Ukulele Club goes to the Richmond Yacht Club

The Richmond Yacht Club

Here's Andy, Genaro and Mike DaSilva

My ukulele home base is the Berkeley Ukulele Club which is held at Mike DaSilva's ukulele workshop, performance space, and studio. There's a large community of music lover's that get together to sing and play. We have a semi-regular participant named Lyle who comes and plays his upright bass to give some depth to the ukulele strumming. He recently requested that we gather a group of extra-enthusiastic ukers to perform in a special gathering at the Richmond Yacht Club to share in the festivities of launching out ships in a race towards Hawaii.

Sally, DeeDee, Becky, Pam, & Elaine

The sweet voices up front: Kandy, Jane, Tony

Oh gee! Mary and Steven F. crooning

We got together for 3 or 4 extra Mondays between our regular meetings and worked on several Hapa Haole classics like: Waikiki Chickadee, In a Little Hula Heaven, Pineapple Princess... Numerous discussions occurred on correct chords, how many times we will sing a verse, how to end each song. The type of stuff that needs some time to settle and create nice crisp endings. These practices gave me some extra incentive to practice a short Hawaiian phrase...

E komo mai no kaua I ka hale wela ka hau



Oh yeah, just rolls off the tongue (after some practice)

Alma, Pam & Elaine

In the front Mary & Jean. Towards the back, "Squinty", Diane, Paul & Chris

We played about 20 songs before succumbing to the cool bay breezes. I think there will be more adventures for this hearty strumming group.


  1. A cap/hat of some sort would have been nice, Jeff. Maybe a sombrero, haven't seen the uke/sombrero combo much. You could popularize it. Nice, pleasant looking group, all smiling except for one...Hope and pray that "Squinty" doesn't catch-on.

  2. @ Ron -- You caught me, I just don't have the flair! And to think my mother was a fashion designer! How about a Viking helmet? I sat in the back and got comfy, I like some elbow room when I'm playing and it just happened to be the furthest from the cameras BUT right next to the Lap Steel and Bass! Oh, yeah. Can you see the resemblance to my Humble Uker art logo?

  3. @ Ron II -- I have a friend that has the widest sombrero ever. You could lay full out in the shade for a siesta in the noon-day sun. Perhaps when I breakout my version of "Tijuana Taxi Cab."

  4. Isn't "Squinty" actually Stephen Tyler from Aerosmith?