Tuesday, June 8, 2010

GLEE || Somewhere Over the Rainbow...

American Idol was followed by another TV show called, Glee. Which is a musical comedy that had it's finale' tonight. I was upstairs working and listening to the Oakland A's baseball game and stopped at 9:45pm to sit for a moment. Wendy was watching the end of the show... the Glee Club teacher pulls out a Kamaka ukulele and does a duet with a student playing guitar. Clearly the uke is becoming very accepted in so many areas -- So nice to hear Iz's version of SOTR.


  1. What kind (Soprano, Concert, Tenor, ect) of ukulele did they use on glee last night?

  2. @ Matthew Day -- I am fairly certain that that ukulele was a Kamaka concert sized ukulele. Did you see the show? HU

  3. Yes I did and I have been trying to find out size it was. I play guitar but have always wanted to get one to add to my assortment of instruments. I played with one today and really enjoyed it. What size do you recommend I get? I was thinking concert or tenor.

  4. It was a tenor

  5. Matt:

    Uke size recommendations are tricky and once you buy a uke you will probably buy more. It is a dis-ease called Ukulele Acquisition Syndrome. There are now 5 sizes...
    Sopranino = ??"
    Soprano = 21" Tuned GCEA
    Concert = 23" GCEA, Slightly wider frets
    Tenor = 25" GCEA
    Baritone = 29" and Big Body and tuned DGBE

    I mainly play concert sized ukuleles. Go try a few at your local music shop or ukulele club. See what feels right. HU

  6. i really loved glee's guitar/uke duet (i'm pretty sure they aren't the first to try it this way, but it was the first time i had heard it as a duet...) and i play the guitar, and i have a friend who plays the ukulele. i was trying to look up chords for my guitar and i came across this page which sounds right to my ear:


    but i was wondering - on the ukulele do the chords still have the same names? i know nothing about ukulele tuning in comparison to guitar tuning so sorry if this sounds like a stupid question!

  7. @ Anon. Your guitar is a ukulele fretted at the fifth fret and playing the 4 strings closest to your feet. The Tuning is GCEA at that point. Look for the MUSIC STUDY, TOOLS on the right and see the first position chords.