Friday, June 25, 2010

Country, Uke & (Soft) Burlesque?

I thought this is an interesting blend of country style uke to the William Tell Overture, then the tap dancing started, and I thought, Jug Band! Whoops, no I was wrong -- Uke Burlesque! I wonder, will this catch on at the uke clubs?

A "Gigi & Pop 2009 Burlesque Hall of Fame Winners Best Variety" reprise...


  1. I just assumed that the Berkeley and Santa Cruz crews had posted a couple of their meetings.
    Now, I'm a huge fan of the ukulele/tap combo, just love it, and despise the ukulele/kazoo Gawd Awful hideousness that evidently people find so
    cute. Clothing-optional isn't required, of course, but
    isn't to be trifled with either. And Gigi is
    just too adorable for words.

    There are a number of videos showcasing the fantastic uke/tap synergy, and readers are urged to try some. Let's hope this does catch on at uke clubs and replaces what a sane community would have driven out ages ago.

  2. @ SB -- I think that there's going to be such a plethura of new (uke) players that perhaps the "jug" band or "skiffle" band concept will grow into people playing music together with a variety of instruments. I too deplore the uke kazoo combo. HU