Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Belgian Bluegrass || The Mean Mountaineers

At a rehearsal from The Mean Mountaineers, a new Bluegrass (and Hillbilly) band from Belgium. The band includes all members of Cajunbilly band: Big Bayou Bandits (Yvieboy, Cockie, Guy Smokey, Leopard Luke) and good friend Long John on mandolin. Visit our website on

Liesbeth en Karl commented and led me to this group, Those Metal Boys with their Metal Toys. I hadn't found a ukulele but this is another Belgian group. I'll have to look further into their videos to see if I can find some ukulele. This comment led me to add a couple other videos which I have made smaller.

Chet Aktins, Bela' Fleck -- Bluegrass

Garrison Keillor, Chet Atkins, Leo Kottke "SLEEPWALK"


  1. There not the greatest example, if I can be that frank: Those Metal Boys with their Metal Toys just issued a uke-laden cd, les Mecs du Nord are on the verge of just doing that, and we've just lost yodeling ukester Schoepen. But you're right. The ukulele is big in Belgium.

  2. @ Liesbeth en Karl -- If you have a link to videos of their uke laden music please share. Thanks for taking the time to stop by and add a comment -- I appreciate it.