Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Snow Globe (More Uke / World Philosophy)

Here's a very soothing video with the desciption copied from kitd56's YT notes because I wanted to make sure it got some attention...

The Snow Globe

I have long been mesmerized by microcosms. Most specifically, snow globes have always enchanted me - the notion of a tiny little world in the cup of my hand - I shake it around a little and snow falls calmly over the whole world.

I feel very, very powerful when I hold a snow globe, as if I am in charge of an entire miniature existence. If even for a moment, I feel very, very powerful. Sometimes I remember that power is over-rated. Sometimes I think that it is not so much that I am holding a world, but that perhaps a world is holding me. I hope the world will be gentle. I think it will be.

In the last couple of days, no matter how many times I have tuned this uke to the "standard" GCEA uke tuning, within a few minutes it slips into this GCD#G# tuning. I tighted the screws of the tuner, it ignored my tightening.

After about an hour of fussing with the uke's tuning, I got right frustrated with it, to tell you the truth. And then I got to piddling with the uke as it was, letting it sing its own song instead of me trying to force a song onto it, trying to make it sing in a key that I have been told is the "proper" key.

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