Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ontario || Ukulele Speakeasy

From the frankcasting YT description...

So you see the Ontario Council of Folk Festivals (OCFF) puts on this conference every year for 800 or so musicians, and there's these official showcases in the swanky rooms, see? But then there's two hotel floors of Unofficial Showcases and the Ukulele Speakeasy is the swankiest of them all. Free liquor is served in highball glasses, no cheap gin joint here. No microphones, no amps, just the Uke, see, and the odd accompaniment. Here's the highlights of a great evening, see? Hosted by David Newland, Candace Shaw, and Andy Frank., and starring, David Celia, Joan Besen, James Hill, Anne Davison, Jaron Freeman-Fox, David Woodhead, John Zytaruk, Collette Savard, Eve Goldberg, Shelley O'Brien, David Gillis, Ariana Gillis, David Newland, The Choir Girlz and Magoo. Here's lookin at you, kids!

Cork Town o1 -- Story of why uke?

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