Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Wikifonia EXAMPLE Sad Movies Make Me Cry

My Uklectic Friend, Chuck B., let me know about Wikifonia some time ago. I have been using it recently to work on some note-finger-picking arrangements. I haven't developed the ear or spent the time to work out as many arrangements as I would like so, Wikifonia is another resource where I can getting started.
My longterm plumber friend, Kevin S., came over yesterday to help us with our kitchen sink faucet, I asked him if he played any banjo. He's a southern boy with a vibrant personality and friendly style. He told me he played guitar. As he worked ad we talked I played a little for him. Soon I had some ukes and the bala-uke-a downstairs and we were talking music and about his favorite guitar purchases -- including a big Gretsch, like Elvis, Roy Orbison, and Brian Seitzer.
Kevin tried to show us his guitar skills on the Baritone Ukulele and sang Cry, Cry, Cry by Johnny Cash. I have a Johnny Cash guitar song book and was checking out the song last night but this morning I took a look for the song on Wikifonia. It wasn't there but I came across an old song named, "Sad Movies Make Me Cry", here's the cover page:
If you look over this page you will find that there are some EXTRAS
  • It shows the song author
  • It shows a list of some of the performers that sang it.
  • It allows editing of the sheet
  • It allows you to transpose the song
  • It allows you to adjust the sheet size
  • It has a MEDIA section that allows you to play it **

**If you click "play it" you will get a YouTube video for this one.

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