Sunday, April 18, 2010

Uke Attitude Image Find

Pierre has French ukulele site called "Uke Attitude" and I found that he has several uke images on FLICKR. This shopped photo was my favorite. Below is one of Pierre's "Strum Day" videos. It appears to be an impromtu strumming pattern -- It like to do these too. Simply mixing in strumming and picking.

[Note to Pierre -- I have tried to figure out how to leave a comment about your video on your site but couldn't see the place where the comment should be left -- all I see is the "wood grain" background. What is the key French word?]


  1. At first glance it might seem as if the woman warrior is a bit underarmed for her upcoming bout with the operatic dragon. But, as we all know, Jeff, in the right (wrong?) hands the ukulele
    is as deadly a weapon as humankind has ever devised, mercilessly laying waste to all in its path.

  2. Thanks again for your little note about my blog, I'm happy you like my unpretentious lil' musics ;-)
    If you want to leave a comment on my blog, you have to click on the french word "commentaire", then you should be directed to the comment form and you can leave your message, hope this helps ;-)
    Have a nice day.

  3. love that photo!!!!

  4. Thanks for using my picture, I have 364 other pictures that have "uke attitude" You can find my original here on flickr: At the Ready
    ... and also you can find my 365 days of Uke photo set where this lady is from ... enjoy: Days of the Uke / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

  5. >and also you can find my 365 days of Uke photo set >where this lady is from ... enjoy: Days of the Uke

    Oh yes ! and And there are small wonders pictures; is the reason why I create this small gallery on flickr.
    Thanks a lot Jugbo (G*J) your 365 days of Uke photo set.