Saturday, April 3, 2010

Hey I'm the Grandpa West now... Humble Uker meets his match! Caden Andrew West from Indy

I got carried away one day with the "plastic ukulele" mojo and "accidently" bought one on eBay. So I decided to sent it to my grandson Caden Andrew West over in Indianapolis, Indiana. During his visit he showed me that he is definitely a "showman" and can turn up the entertainment level. He can strum like crazy, dance and sing songs! He can even do the running ukulele slide.

His other Grandfather Bruce Boutwell's father was a songwriter and traveled with a Martin baritone ukulele. I got to see the uke on a trip back to visit and unfortunately the uke had some long cracks in the body. Perhaps we can get Bruce to share some knowledge about his father's work.


  1. It's the uke, Jeff. Plastic ukes rock. If you
    played one you'd be doing the running ukulele slide,
    too. If you'd given him a Martin, he'd be gently strumming it while going back and forth sedately in a rocking chair. Next, teach him the Chuck Berry duck walk, he
    could do it. I haven't seen any uker do it.
    He could teach you a thing or two about style, too. Is he a fan of the blog? Take him to Burning

    Keep Santa Claus Weird!

  2. love's to 'bake-lite' fretboards...