Sunday, April 18, 2010

Helen Cane -- A Taste of the 1930's (Betty Boop)

Helen Cane was one inspiration for the cartoon Betty Boop character. The other was Clara Bow. Wendy and I were watching Shirley Temple's "Curly Top" movie from 1935 last night. This movie has a small scene were a ukulele is being played (side view) and Shirley is dancing in a grass skirt on the beach. I did a little research on Wiki about Shirley and her curls were diligently done each night by her mother/coach. The inspiration for the curls was Clara Bow.

No, there aren't any uke shots here just a few shots from another era. Perhaps, another time when the world was trying to put itself together after a financial meltdown.

Helen Cane photos interspersed with Betty Boop cartoons:

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