Monday, March 15, 2010

Victoria Vox Merci Beaucoup


  1. Et HU, merci beaucoup. In my early uke days, Jeff,
    when Al had his contest for 2008 ukulele videos, I
    had nothing to recommend, so I went looking. I found three things - a Patti Plinko video, which has since been removed (a shame as it was better than any of the videos with
    her that are still up), the Tippy Canoe video you
    just posted (which dated from the first week of 2009, so it wasn't eligible), and this one. And it's still a favorite, an oldie (well, not really old) but a goodie.

  2. Victoria is a very sweet young lady, she has a beautiful voice and sings in French. He musical skills are a blast too. The girl, really she's somewhere between 25 and 30. But she's so talented!

  3. Another good one of hers, one of my Ukulele Hunt
    2009 Video Contest nominees is -

    Peeping Tomette NY Uke Fest 2009 Victoria Vox
    from: rickbrunernyc

    In English, but with very good mouth trumpet...