Friday, March 26, 2010

Ukulele Mike "D7 Blues Scale" Cool

This is a superb instructional video for ukulele improvisation. It is an amazingly simple concept and is moveable along the fretboard! I like the quickie Eric Clapton phrasing near the end.

Thanks to ace researcher POB, Inc.


  1. Just went to watch this, and it has already been removed because of a violation of the "terms of use"... :(

  2. How could this be a terms of use violation?

  3. Maybe the ten Sunshine of Your Love notes
    got the record company execs and lawyers
    in a tizzy. Maybe someone has a copyright
    on the D7 blues chord progression. Maybe child
    labor laws were broken. Maybe Anthony isn't

  4. Maybe it's a Terms of Uke violation, Jeff.
    I know many ukers I'd love to slap one of
    those on. Not Mike, of course.