Tuesday, March 2, 2010


In a recent conversation with Mr.POB we talked about where the ukulele is going. Do we listen, look at YT videos, and hear music specifically to hear ukuleles? Or are we moving forward with our precious ukulele musical experience and starting to share or create good MUSIC with others. This term TRANSCENDENTAL UKULATION just came to me as I was listening to Shelley Rickey's new original song Firefly Crown. Voice, uke, banjo, saw... and a wonderful imagination. Give it a listen...


  1. Transcendental Ukulation (TU), I like it, Jeff.
    TU will be a force to break the "mind-forg'd manacles" (as Blake would have it) that trap one in a drab, gray world of
    ukulele insularity. Ukers of the world, embrace TU, you have
    nothing to lose but your chains. And an entire world to gain.

    And Shelley's song is indeed transcendent.

  2. Thank you, Jeff...
    For having a listen to my song and for the wonderful words you've written about it.
    I'm thrilled.