Friday, March 5, 2010

Serge Gainsbourg

Google Ads, Arg! -- The price of freedom.

[Mr.POB you're definitely correct this is a more popular tune. Gosh, gee shucks, she must've been jogging when singing the end of the song -- she's all out of breath.]


  1. Google ads are a nuisance, and this one doesn't
    give you much room to click it away without
    getting the ad (I don't want to flirt). I watched
    two Irish music videos this week, one was a simple
    bodhran how-to, that came with video Chicken
    McNuggets ads (Your video will start in 17seconds (of pure hell)). I don't see the connection, and
    they weren't the sorts of things to get a lot of views, so why?

    Sorry, Serge, you're way too cool for this sort
    of thing. And Jeff, the video of Serge you should
    have posted -

    Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg - Je T'Aime...Moi Non Plus
    from: bonniespurk

    Comes with an ad, of course, but one of the most romantic songs ever written (quite the scandal when I was young) and the beyond-lovely Jane Birkin (try not to fall in love, Jeff), set in Venice, all make for magic.

  2. I'm all out of breath at the end too, Jeff. HU has just staked an unassailable claim as the gutsiest uke blog in all of

    J'aime la chanson et j'adore Jane...

  3. Any complaints about J'Taime, Jeff? I
    was expecting some, and wondered if it
    would still be up by now. When I was attending
    junior college here in town (ages ago), a friend and I
    got a hold of the LP with this, and played it
    at my family's house with the volume low enough
    not to alert my mother, who would have stepped-in
    to halt the proceedings had she heard what was
    being played.