Monday, March 29, 2010

Rick Sharp || Honika Ua Wiki Wiki

"On the Beach at Waikiki"
This is an excellent professional produced video for a group. The last 30 seconds are on booking information BUT it is so well done you don't mind that it's the sneakiest commercial. There's snippets of 20's and hula dancing too.


  1. Aloooooha, Jeff. That's how we tourists say it, and
    the locals egg us on. I have vague memories of
    shows like this from the mid '50s when I lived over
    there. I know, I know, that some people don't like
    the hapa-haole stuff, say it's not really Hawaiian,
    insults the culture, blah blah and blah blah again.

    But this is what I heard then and I like this stuff
    just as much as the so-called real stuff. The Islands have gone through the Hawaiian Renaissance, and the bands now play and enjoy
    the good old hapa songs again. They even incorporate the silly faux grass skirts into their acts, because this music and the trappings that come with it are just plain fun.

  2. @ POB, Inc. -- Thanks for sharing the GOOD STUFF!