Saturday, March 6, 2010


A Mr.POB find.

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  1. Global Weirdness, indeed. Cats That Look Like
    Hitler is worth the price of admission to this
    talk all by itself. And Magnus is right about
    Girls & Corpses Magazine. When I was working
    at a late, lamented independent book store here
    in town, one of our magazine distributors sent
    us (unsolicited) some copies of this thing, and
    yes, the title tells you what is inside (albeit
    in an offbeat way). It can be taken as a
    commentary on the very old man (and very rich man)
    and very young and very lovely female companion phenomenon, I
    suppose. Hugh Hefner and his "girlfriends"...

    Don't know just how I would react to the Pilates
    balls, but I always sit off to the sides or in
    the back (if I'm even there).

    And Jeff, there are certain ukers who always, without fail, rev my "Oh, Shit" circuit into hyperdrive.

    Ukers don't need to be told to embrace the weird, because we do it every time we hold a uke. We
    become the weirdness, we go with the flow of the
    weirdness. In short: We Are The Weird!