Saturday, March 20, 2010

Let's Make Waves...

Mary recently left a comment on my blog so I snooped over to her blog Ebb and Flow and quickly found this cool photo. Mary, who I recognized as another Berkeley Ukulele Club frequent strummer has amazing painting talent and she has made an in-depth artistic study ocean waves. You can see her art by clicking on the blog title above. Also, there is another ukulele photo if you click over here...
Thank you Mary for taking the time to make a comment, I appreciate it! HU


  1. HU- What an honor to be included on your site.. THANK YOU! I really enjoy your posts, and am working my way through all the links, as well as the archives...Mary

  2. Thanks for reading and enjoying. I really enjoy it when someone takes the time to write. My computer and I are lonely! HU