Wednesday, March 10, 2010

French "Uke Attitude" Improvisations Cool Videos

My my, my secret source is a never ending fountain of ukulele video bliss. Scanning the world for something new and fresh. Creativity seems to come with a French accent here. [Click the blog entry title above to go directly to Uke Attitudes YT Channel]

Here's a nice electric uke improv. to images of surfing...

More electric Eleuke groovin'

l'ukulele avec l'microcube!

Le Chat Metro-gnome-cat

The perfect uke for Apple Computer lovers


  1. Thanks a lot for this little note, it's very kind of you.
    Have a nice day.

  2. Cool my brother, interressant, isn't it? Kinou

  3. Al thinks this sounds like a good uke to look at, Jeff. But I like it, tres tres cool...

  4. I put Uke Attitude in my Blogs list. I am not trying to impose in Armelle's Ukulele & Languages. I just have a worldly spirit and like his improvisational spirit!