Thursday, March 11, 2010

Doowopalooza Patrick at the BUC

There's another tireless contributor to the Berkeley Ukulele Club, named Patrick. He works in San Francisco and commutes over every two weeks for the club. He has many years of experience with guitar and has carried it over to the uke. And, unlike my presence on stage, he performs with a strong voice and leads all songs magnificently -- he "brings it!"
Patrick always has a couple of songs prepared for us, frequently of the Doo Wop variety. But last night he brought in the Kansas City Blues and it was another hit. His second arrangement was Love Me Tender. (Not good doo-wop examples)
I am going to see if Patrick would share some of his arrangements and post them here in the HU blog. Doowopalooza Patrick, HU salutes you for superior uke club performance and contribution!

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  1. Takes me back to 1971 or so. A few of us went to
    Fillmore West to see the Kinks. Opening for them
    was a newish New York band making their first West
    Coast appearances. Well, of course, the Kinks were
    good, but this other band was just as good, and put
    on a show that dazzled one and all. They were, of
    course, Sha Na Na, Doo-Woppers of the most entertaining sorts.

    And for Patrick and any other Doo-Woppers out there in Ukulele Land - Enjoy, with appearances by the Seven Dwarfs and the Marx Bros. -

    Rarest Scarce Doo-Wop Music Wow!!!
    from: fosman10470