Friday, March 12, 2010


Wendy and I have been watching American Idol and I felt quite disappointed to see two young artists that I found quite compelling bumped off the show due to low voting from the American public. They both presented their songs uniquely and perhaps that is my desire -- to see something new and interesting.

Most shocking was losing Lilly Scott. she played several instruments and wasn't afraid to stretch the limits. Her loss takes one of the most creative players off of the show and I will miss seeing her creativity. Liked to see her on stage with a mandolin.

But I also felt disappointed that a singer/guitar player that I felt had a Paul McCartney Beatle-ish look combined with a Jason Mraz-ish vocal. Alex Lambert was a sensitive High School guy and perhaps his shyness was his downfall -- I think he probably got several phonecalls after the show. He is a talent! (P.S. in the parting videos, I saw Alex holding a ukulele)


  1. They can hold their heads up high, Jeff. Remember,
    this is the same American public that was infatuated
    with Adam Lambert. Enough said...

  2. Oh, another snarky moment... I haven't event voted on this show and there are so many considerations on how people vote. Perhaps instead of voting for a favorite it should be your first, second and third choices. WHATEVEEEER! I miss Lilly!