Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sweden (Sverige) Postage Stamp Set || Small Sheet Music!

I know this is supposed to be about U-K-U-L-E-L-E-S. What is going on here? Who has ever heard of a country called SVERIGE? (pronounced svair'-yeah) Well, it is Sweden! Who woulda thunk it? Yeah, The stud with the ukulele, me, also enjoyed collecting postage stamps. Very interesting they are. They are pieces of art, culture, history. These particular postage stamps were singled out for their musical scores.

F# (So this is in the key of G = G A B C D E F# G)

Here there are 2 #'s (So this is in the key of D = D E F# G A B C#)

The music adove also has 2 #'s, so key = D

Key of D here too!

I was hoping for a change up here but no, still key of D


  1. Jeff, the nyckelharpa is played in the video -

    Faun Egil Saga
    from: ergach999

  2. Hi,I created one blog for stamps.visit this link http://indiastampsdetails.blogspot.com can u please send me a bulletin books for samples.
    Note: updated complete set of first day covers and stamps mint from 1947 t0 2010(to date).
    really u will like it.
    Thanks and Best Regards,