Sunday, February 21, 2010

Steven Strauss || Humble Uker YT Playlists

I have recently added links to my Humble Uker YouTube Playlists. For those that like the mellow side of the ukulele too, my friend Steven Strauss has masterful hands. This Steven Strauss playlist is a selection of great music. Listen and enjoy his great music... Look an the right sidebar titled HU YT PLAYLISTS.

I found this other musical incarnation for Steven Strauss
when googling an image. This was back 3 years ago.

Connie Doolan, voice

Julian Smedley, violin, viola, voice

Steven Strauss, string bass, ukulele, voice

Mike Wollenberg, guitar, bass


  1. Old Puppy link went to someone called Budd when I clicked on it.