Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The SPIRIT of "Britian's Got Talent"

Watched some of the American Idol preliminary shows. For you that haven't seen them, I find that they are highly produced, chopped up and you get something that feels a bit demeaning to some very sensitive people. Yes we want the sensational(?). Have posted some Britian's got talent previously and perhaps it's a biased view based on too small a sample BUT I've found there to be a more positive atmosphere. Even Simon appears to be happier on the other side of the proverbial pond.
. (Greek River Dancers, for fun!)
. (Susan Boyle, 37,000,000+ views!)
Watch Shaheen if you've seen the others...
. (Shaheen Jafargholi 12 yr old)
Shaheen stumbled on his first song start, Simon stopped the show and had him try another. What a difference a song choice can make! At 12 Shaheen showed amazing composure.

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