Monday, February 1, 2010


I posted this song even before I watched it. I think we are all glad to have Ken Middleton as an Ambassador for the ukulele. I have been working on a fingerpicking arrangement that has some hand movement up and back down the fretboard. And in so doing thinking about which finger to use when making the move. Ken has a very graceful way of doing this and it shows off his dexterity and musicality.
Ken uses an arsenal of strumming, picking and chiming techniques throughout out this improvisation. The one that stands out for me is the chiming technique where he uses his right index finger and places it on the fret and then, I think, he plucks the chime with his thumb. I see some of his bluegrass slides and movements in the middle of the song.
I have an Ohana concert uke and this cut-away Ohana tenor sounded great too. Enjoyed every second of this piece, thank you Ken. HU

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