Saturday, February 20, 2010

Inside Resonance FM || Britian's Most Unusual Radio Station

Mr. POB, and do not ask what that stands for, it's a long story and you won't be left with a happy image. So onward, he sent me this link to Ruth Barnes Music. She hosts a one-hour radio program called The Other Woman -- which is devoted to women's music. I like the inside look into a small progressive studio. She has the Smoke Fairies as her in-studio guest band.

Smoke Fairies

Roy Orbison Tribute - It's Over (Smoke Fairies Version)

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  1. People liking what they hear here should look into
    the Smoke Fairies 3CD boxed set. It's two singles and a five song EP packaged in a tiny cardboard box.
    So, literally a boxed set. And maybe there's a future to radio after all.