Saturday, February 13, 2010

Humor, Music & Sexiness...

Ah heck, sometimes I get distracted. This video combines creativity, playful, zanniness, music, production and some serious vocals BUT no ukulele. Well Kendra Queen of Pop Uke (PUKE) what do you think?
Let's wear masks tonight!

Laura also plays SPORTZ. [Click the blog title to see her YT page] Hope she does more!


  1. For lovers of masks and costumes, it just
    doesn't get any better than the Youtube video -

    Carnival of Venice - Masks
    from: gilcarosio

    Eight minutes of sheer magic and pure wonder.
    Try it and be amazed...GF

  2. Jeff, does Kendra really call herself the Queen of Puke?
    Because if I'd said that, you've have banned me from the site.

  3. Well, since you brought up music and sexiness -
    My own thoughts these days are drifting to
    (who would ever have thought)the hurdy gurdy,
    specifically Sandra Elflein of Faun. There's
    something in the way she nonchalantly moves with it pressing against her that attracts and pleases the
    eyes. Watch her slowly turn the handle and be
    hypnotized, catch her fingers dancing over the
    keys to know that there's nothing about the ukulele that possibly can compare.

    This whole silly notion of sexiness and the ukulele needs to be
    seriously rethought, Jeff. For me, now, the two
    have no connection whatsoever. Ours is a lightweight instrument in more ways than one.

  4. Although clearly lacking a ukulele, this is hilarious. Nice masks! I really like this brand of humor. I could probably help them out if they ever do a song entitled, "Wigging Out" or "Home is Where You Hang a Bunch of Ridiculous Hats".


  5. @Pot of Basil - This video actually doesn't have an 'ukulele in it. Sexiness is totally in the eye of the beholder, or perhaps, better to say, in the mind of the beholder.

    I found Faun and they truly are a musical treat! Thanks for sharing. I have enjoyed a few swedish traditional bands with nyckelharpa. The hurdy-gurdy is a fascinating instrument too.

  6. @Kendra - I hope that QOPU didn't offend! The other definition didn't go through my mind. HU

  7. It doesn't offend me at all. Ha! It's great! I'm marveling at the fact that the term Puke (which was originally a Facebook joke amongst some friends) has actually entered into the discussion here. It's really great when a joke comes full circle. Totally awesome.

    Probably wouldn't refer to myself as the Queen of Puke, but hey, royalty is royalty, right? We approve.