Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Harold Walden -- Actor Postcard


  1. Not a lot about Harold out there.
    Born 1887 in India. English amateur
    football player, competed in 1912 Summer
    Olympics. Served in the Army during WWI,
    and after which played for Arsenal.

    Became a music hall performer, had a
    minor film career, had a role in the
    1920 film, The Winning Goal. Put out one
    78rpm record, Ronnie the Robin, b/w And
    Only Me Knows Why. Died 1955 in Leeds.

    But now he lives forever with his little ukulele
    in his hands, right here at HU.

  2. very cool picture...he's got big sad lookin' eyes...

  3. It was late at night when I posted this. I knew you would come through with some research. HU

  4. I own a Harold Walden Ukulele Banjo, it's a fairly standard looking uke except that it has a large engraved chrome plate on the back, the full size of the pot (I`m not sure it this is original), and a plaque on the headstock with a picture of Harold - in a straw hat - and the words "Only me knows why"

    1. I would be interested in buying a Harold Walden Ukelele Banjo. What do you think is the right price to pay? Liz Walden

  5. I have just transferred my recordings of Harold's 2 songs into .wav format and will make MP3s today if anyone is interested.

  6. This is my grandfather. One of my cousins in the UK has a lot of information about him. I remarkable person. Also played Soccer for England in the Olympics(striker), toured Australia, played soccer for Bradford City and Manchester United as well. Liz Walden