Friday, February 5, 2010

G.I.G.A.P.U.S. || Kendra Korshak ! ! !

Here's Kendra Korshak, or so she says -- WOW does she have a powerful voice! I love this video good ukin', soulful singing, and lotsa hats. If you know me and my fixation to my Swedish ancestry -- you'll know which hat I liked the most -- very sexy! Fantastic video editing. [Click the title above to go to her YouTube channel.]

I thought that was a stage name. But here's the Korshak's on MySpace...


  1. Well, I liked the red wig, but ShnellyCat went
    for the daisy band. In fact, I had to pull her away
    from the screen and tell her, "Please don't eat
    the daisies*."

    * A 1957 book, 1960 movie, and 1965-67 TV series -
    (for the younger readers of HU)

  2. Ah Ron, sometimes you're the critic. The hat changes were for fun. We need to express our goofiness -- I wish my pipes were confident and ready to sing out a song like Kendra! Go GIGAPUS Go!

  3. Thanks so much for the shout out, Mr. HumbleUker! I'm honored to be mentioned on your blog.

    ...and yes, I do tend to embrace my goofiness and it helps that I have quite a collection of hats!