Saturday, February 6, 2010

BBC || Heart & Soul : Spiritual Journeys || Chetan Bhagat

I enjoy listening to the radio while I work and blog. Today I heard an interesting radio program on the BBC radio on our Local KQED radio station. This program is an interview of an Indian author Chetan Bhagat and he talks about his books and theological aspects of his writings. Although this addresses spirituality from another, non-christian viewpoint, I found it fascinating. [You can hear the program by clicking the blog title above.]
"Name 3 things that you really want and then think about what you need to do to make them happen in your life, (then do them)"
One Night in a Call Center
- Chetan Bhagat


  1. So, the great imperative of our age: getting what
    you want. Personally, I believe that Chetan Bhagat
    would be doing people a huge favor if he advised them to really, really consider just exactly why they want what they so desperately want, to consider if they really need what they think they desire, before telling them to pursue their cravings.

    On the other hand, blindly chasing after desires, the attainment of which ultimately proves less than fully satisfying, can force one to start considering carefully just what one really wants and needs. Fools pursuing their foolishness to extremes can come to discover that it is foolishness.

    In an earlier lifetime, I was an avid "student" of the late philosopher Alan Watts, listening to the tapes he made of his talks and seminars, which brought East to West and helped the twain to meet. Today, of course, we have videos, and I can certainly recommend many of the ones available on Youtube. Perhaps start with the four video series - A Conversation With Myself, from: markwatts02 (Alan's son).

  2. Ron, since you have lived in the Bay Area for a long time and studied Alan Watts did you ever listen to the radio programs: New Dimensions or New Horizons?

    I think that the question was given to the characters at a time of grave peril and that perhaps deeper choices may have been inspired. Life and death situations have a way of invoking these thoughts.