Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Hello Humble Uker regulars, YES YOU! I work from home and I find that I like to make PLAYLISTS for myself to listen to in the background. I have many ideas for what I want to do with this and I will surely add to each category as more videos show up on YouTube.

My friend, Steven Strauss either solo or with the band Friends of Old Puppy has had many recent videos produced and I think the playlist is getting up near (40) songs now. If you haven't heard Steven before, then you will find one of the sweetest sounding ukulele players in the world. Steven's music is magical.

[I would also like to thank Pip Lagenta for posting so many quality videos. The "Epic Fail" label reminds me of myself on stage, but I call myself "Crash & Burn".]

I made a playlist for "CLASSICAL" music and it is comprised of numerous musicians that have been previously posted on HU. People from around the world...

Jang Paul - Korea
Wwelti, WS64 - Germany
Rob MacKillop, Ken Middleton, Colin Tribe, Alistair Wood - UK
Valery Sauvage - France
Herman Vandecauter - Belgium
Ukulele Mozart - Japan or China
John King - U.S.A.
Ukulollo - Italy
You will find these PLAYLISTS at the TOP of the lower right sidebar, just below the subscribe buttons. I have also posted Kharmachanic, Brother Sonny, Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britian, and my impov. teacher BAJAN PIED PIPER. More to come soon...


  1. Don't forget Rob MacKillop, of Baroque Uke,
    for your classical list, Jeff.

    And don't be so hard on yourself. I've sent
    your "Stray Cat Strats" video to friends (and they've sent it to friends, etc) and everyone
    loves it.

  2. Mr POB: I had Rob MacKillop in there but failed to post is name. Thnx HU

    thanks to add me!