Saturday, January 16, 2010

Scoop Ron Hale finds | VAGABONDAGE | Playing Ukulele, Accordian & Base

Ron Hale is a local uke player, music player, blog investigator, and frequent commentor. Sometimes he shares a scoop on a band that he hasn't seen somewhere else. This time he's told me about a local band named, VAGABONDAGE. This is a clever video showing a bit of the San Francisco feel. I'm sure there's a lot of herb tea and odwalla fruit juice in those flasks.


  1. Thanks for this, Jeff. Much, much appreciated.

  2. wow...powerful voice...wee uke...

    powerful drinkin'...they must be serious :)

  3. @ Ron -- Thanks for the Vagabondage lead...
    @ Todd -- Thanks for stopping by. That IS a powerful voice!

  4. Donnie Bubbles posted the video on his
    entry of Jan. 18. I left a comment thanking him.

  5. Al put it up on his site today (Jan. 23).
    More very deserved exposure.

  6. When I stumbled upon this video, Jeff, after four months it had 330 views. Now, two weeks later it has 750. Amazing...Of course, the Kid's version of I'm Yours has 12 million views, but still...

  7. Just got a nice email from Tony Boland of Uke Ireland, who was glad to feature them, with
    an invitation to drop by if I'm ever over there.

    The band's reaction to their video making the rounds of Ukulele Cyberspace is "Amazing!!!."