Saturday, January 23, 2010

Re-ENTRANTS || Money, Money, Money (ABBA)


  1. Size might not be important, but when it comes to
    covering ABBA, clothes are very important. If ABBA had dressed like that, do you think they would have won the Eurovision song contest with Waterloo? Not a chance.

    The Swedes have an old saying - Om du vill sjunga som ABBA,
    du skulle se som ABBA. "If you want to sing like ABBA, you should look like ABBA." Next time guys, get it right.

  2. Aw Heek Ron!, These guys are terrific. ABBA had a whole lot more hair and those disco fashions with open shirts and hairy chests exposed can stay in the 70's. I love the way these guys work together.

  3. It just came out that the English judges at the Eurovision Song Contest gave ABBA zero points. That's right, zilch. The band that was about to
    become one of the world's hugest ever, got nothing from the idiot English judges, who gave their points to...well, who?