Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Pre-uking Days 1994-95

I was out in the old work shed... where I used to do so evening work when I drew by hand and I found this photo. It shows two of my old projects in one photo. I worked for Romak Iron Works as a project manager and one of my most pretigious projects was the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. It was designed by the Italian Architect Mario Botta.
I also has an old work acquantance that was in a pinch because his only draftsman had to go to the Philippines to see his dying mother. He asked me to draw the black ribbed sinking ship sculpture. That was my first "ship" that I ever drew. It is now covered with green see-thru glass and it is just across the street from the entrance to the SF MOMA.
I have another photo of a circular stairway that was inside the Anne Darling store at Union Square also in San Francisco. This photo is more indicative of what my field work environments looked like... (more later)

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