Friday, January 8, 2010

Pohaku's Big Adventure (Click Here)


  1. Off topic, but still...
    Just now stumbled upon The SpiralTones.

    There's next to nothing about them on-line, the most informative piece being an ad they placed this past October describing themselves as a
    "quirky, fun, Southampton based band, playing original material," and looking for an organist to complete the group so they could play local pub dates. So I imagine they are rather newish.

    They posted three videos on Youtube just this past Dec. 29 (the only videos of them). Five band members - drums, bass, singer, two ukes (no organist). Still finding their feet perhaps, they are entertaining and worth viewing.

    My favorite of the videos is -
    Spiraltones - Caetano Veloso at Southampton Ukulele Jam Christmas

    Their videos have few total views, so not too many know about them. Anybody curious about a new band, might give them a look-see.

  2. Hi Ron,

    I'm one of The Spiraltones..... electric and acoustic uke......

    We are (at least back in January when you were blogging about us) pretty new on the scene here in Southampton, UK....

    The core of us (all but the drummer) met at Southampton Ukulele Jam, which I started with my good friend Catherine back in 2008.

    We're recording and gigging regularly and are particularly looking forward to an upcoming gig on the 23rd of November back at The Talking Heads

    You can find out more about us from or

    or you can check out Southampton Ukulele Jam at

    Thanks for talking about us.......

    Colin "McUke" McAllister