Monday, January 4, 2010

PETER MOON || Hula O' Makee

Too bad the image quality of this video is poor. I feel like I'm watching two old friends sharing musical stories on the front porch. Amazing. I hope someone will repost in high quality. I could listen to this style of playing for hours.

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  1. I first became aware of Peter Moon in the mid 1980s while vacationing in Waikiki because of his playing guitar with the band Sunday Manoa on their album Guava Jam (the band had ended by then). It's a bit embarrassing to say that despite loving Hawaiian music, and hearing plenty of it on various Island vacations at the time, the ukulele made absolutely no impact on me as such except as
    being part of the music, and I'd no desire at all to play it. Even more so as I'd lived on Oahu for two years in the mid-1950s prior to statehood, and no doubt was exposed to the instrument then.

    You can view this performance and be there, breathing the air, smelling the flowers, and I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if the two of them did in fact play for hours.