Sunday, January 17, 2010

New Ukulele Site in Espanol (Click Here)

I had a post on the El Foro Del Ukulele website. It is a website in Spain and may come up with a new ukulele perspective. It is simple to translate, just try out the Google Translator and request Spanish to English. Or if you speak spanish do it in reverse.
django_r Miembro Publicado hace 1 día

No se si ya está este link puesto en algún mensaje, pero por si acaso. Está fenomenal
. <= that's a nice circular reference!
Además en la zona de la derecha "UKULINKIES" (jajaja ) tiene mil enlaces a miles de canciones, tabs, teoría de la música, etc etc... Tela para repasar !!

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  1. Well, I hope Google's translation from Spanish to English is better than their looney-tunes renderings of French into English. Just no excuse for what they offer up in the English version of